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In locations.conf for caching static files webinoly has included protection & security headers. Since in webinoly those headers are already included in server and http { } context, what's the purpose of including again in locations.conf when caching static files?

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Please, read the Nginx documentation to better understand how the "add_header" command works.

Also, try removing the headers from "locations.conf" file, try adding one more header in a server nginx block and see what happens. That's the best way to learn these things.

Hello QROkes,

What I have learned so far is that "add_header gets inherited by all child contexts, so that will have no effect whatsoever."

You have been helping a lot of people who are grateful of what you're doing.

Why not give an answer about the protection headers that you have included twice when caching static files?

by Expert
Don't get me wrong, I'm actually trying to help you.

Did you try adding and removing the headers as I said in my previous answer?

What did you get?
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