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by Rookie

I am planning to use Google Cloud CDN for my Wordpress site created with Webinoly. For content to be cached, Google Cloud CDN requires.

- Cache-Control header with a public directive

- Cache-Control header with a max-age or s-maxage directive, or an Expires header with a timestamp in the future

Taking a look at the response headers for my test site, most of the required headers seem to be missing. The page itself has Cache-Control: public, no-cache but there is no max-age header set. The fonts, javascript, and css have Cache-Control: max-age=315360000 but no public directive. I'm also not sure if these headers are set by Webinoly or one of my plugins.

How can I get more control over these headers? For example to meet the requirements of Google Cloud CDN? Or if I want to change the max-age for certain resources for browser cache?

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by Rookie
by Rookie
Thanks for the answer. I was hoping there was a solution that wouldn't get reset on future updates.
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