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Hey, httpauth don't allow user/password in 1.6.1 version. Trying many times with different user/password

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Hi Denzel,

Can you please describe your issue?

I can not reproduce your issue, everything seems fine on my end.


Install Webinoly on a fresh Ubuntu 18, after that used "httpauth -add=[user,password]" and entered my data. Next go to http://myip:22222 and trying typed my user/password, but they were wrong. Trying several times with different data, but the result is the same.

Then "purge server all", install 1.6.0 version, created and entered the same data and everything became good
by Expert

Ok. Seems like is related to the new case insensitive arguments improvement made in the latest release.

Can you confirm if you are using capital letters in the user/pass?

When you go to 22222 page, try using the same user/pass in lowercase.

Also, try with sudo httpauth -add and then you will be asked to enter user/pass, this way it should works. Please, confirm if it works for you.

by Expert
Today I released an update (v.1.6.2) to fix this issue.
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