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by Rookie
Can I see site info or dbs info??? Db user, pass generated....?

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Hi Reina,

I assume you mean about a WordPress website. There are some options:

  • This data is used and stored in the wp-config.php file of each WP installation.
  • You can use phpMyAdmin to manage your databases.
  • In Webinoly v1.13.0 will be released the "site -info" option, but it will not include sensitive data like passwords.
by Rookie
Hi QROkes,

Thanks for your reply.

I am testing for Laravel sites. I use site -php -mysql -ssl=on, I could see dB data in creation command.

site-info will be great option ;)

I change htdocs for "ln" to public directory used in Laravel.
by Expert
Renaming "htdocs" folder will break a lot of things in Webinoly. Maybe you can change this variable in Laravel.
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