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Hi, I am new to Webinoly and am loving it so far, it has a lot of functionality and is pure shell, it really is great!

I wondered if it is possible to setup a reverse proxy site with caching in front of another real WP site and have the TLS termination been done on the rev proxy too. Something like the EE people mention here:


Thanks in advance for any info!

If it is not possible i'd like to make this a feature request.

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Hi Micha,

Thanks for your kind words!

Cache for Reverse Proxy sites is currently scheduled to be included in Webinoly and released in v1.14.0 (January 2021). And actually, this release is planned to be focused on Cache features, so you can expect a lot of improvements in this area.


by Talented

Hey Cristhian, wow, that is great!

I can also see that you have been developing and supporting for years ongoingly, which is not an easy task and you have kept Webinoly very minimal still, so it is the perfect fit for my LXCs.

Hope it's ok if I bug you a bit the coming weeks and months with questions and suggestions. I'll of course first of all research all possible sources for existing info before doing so.

Wish you all the best in developing those awesome features!

Best Regards, Micha

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