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Hey Cristhian, when playing with subfolders I noticed two things:

How can I clone example.com to example.com/subfolder? The commands I tried did not work as expected.

When cloning example.com with a fresh -wp install on /subfolder the clone has also the conf with the subfolder things in there, but the subfolder does not get cloned with the root site leading to a failed nginx reload.

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Just for the record: I've successfully reproduced the nginx error you mentioned, it will be fixed in the next release (v1.13.0). Thanks a lot for reporting this issue!

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That's not possible!

You can clone sites only using differents domains or subdomains.

sudo site example.com -clone-from=sub.example.com
sudo site example.com -clone-from=example.org

Subfolder option is suportted:

sudo site example.com -clone-from=sub.example.com -subfolder=/test

Clone sub.example.com/test to example.com/test

And thanks, I will check the Nginx error you mentioned, it shouldn't happen, Webinoly should be able to detect this case and give a proper error message.

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Would it be worth a feature request? The advantage would be that no new DNS settings would have to be set up and no new SSL certificate would need to be issued. For me the subfolder staging site is a classic. :)
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There are two options that were initially considered:

  • Clone from root / to subfolder and viceversa.
  • Clone from the same domain to a different subfolder (from /a to /b).
They both are still open, but not scheduled. Like "nice to have, but not a priority".
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