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by Rookie

Hello, I'm trying to clone a wordpress multisite originally configured as subdirectory multisite, but everytime I try to visit the cloned subdomain site I get ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR

My aim is to make a cloned subdomain staging environment for the primary website.

Is this because of possible mismatch between installing a subdirectory multisite over a subdomain configuration error?

by Expert
Today v1.13.0 will be released with a lot of fixes for subfolders, please tell me if this issue persist after that.
by Rookie
I just updated to v1.13.0 and tried cloning the same however this time the subdomain is being redirected to primary domain.

I also noticed that this parameter inside wp-config.php for the cloned subdomain reflected the previous clone-from site `define('DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE', 'example.com');` I tried changing example.com to stage.example.com but it still kept redirecting me to example.com

What am I missing here?
by Expert
I will try to reproduce this issue and I will keep you posted in the next weeks.
by Rookie
Unfortunately, I've lost access to my primary website now. Everytime I open it, it redirects me to the cloned website site which is already deleted. I don't know what's going on
by Rookie
under phpmyadmin, `siteurl` and `home` parameters of the website under wp_options that I want to clone from are changed to the site url to of the new website to be cloned. in other words clone-from=example.com website is also changed in the process

i still have lost access to my primary website even after reverting to the correct URL. Any help will be very much appreciated.
by Rookie
So I had to run this sudo webinoly -clear-cache=all and changing above parameters in mysql in order to fully recover my primary website from botched up cloning of wordpress multisite

1 Answer

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by Expert

Thanks for reporting this issue!

Cloning WP Multisite will be blocked in our next release v1.13.1.

Multisite should not be supported for cloning, each subsite can have a custom domain which makes it impossible or not practical to have a clone solution that needs to change each domain in a multisite network.

WP plugins that copy/clone subsites are a better solution for this purpose, but a complete network will not be supported to be cloned. Any thoughts on this matter to find a better workaround will be welcome!

by Rookie

For some reason, even non-multisite wordpress cloning is not happening properly. I notice, the site which gets cloned has it's 'siteurl' and 'home' values changed to the values of the new cloned website. The cloned website, works perfectly though.

So, if I'm cloning dev.example.com to dev2.example.com, the mysql values (siteurl and home under wp_options) for dev.exmaple.com get altered to the values meant for dev2.example.com ie. 'dev2.example.com'

This is happening after the 1.13.1 update, and it would be excellent if someone can confirm this as well.
by Expert
I don't understand, why do you think is that wrong?
by Rookie
Because, as soon as dev.example.com gets cloned, it stops working. 'siteurl' and 'home' for dev.example.com gets altered to value 'dev2.example.com'. It should remain 'dev.example.com'

'siteurl' and 'home' for dev2.example.com is correct which is 'dev2.example.com'
by Expert
Ohhh, are you saying that the original site get the cloned site values?
by Rookie
correct, the site which gets cloned gets the cloned site values.
by Expert
I can't reproduce the issue you described, I tried cloning some sites and everything works fine, original site DB is not modified.

Can you please describe the steps to reproduce your issue in a fresh installation?
by Expert

I think this is the same issue: https://webinoly.com/support/5541/redirection-problem-after-clone

It was fixed in v1.13.2 released today. Please confirm!

by Rookie
Thank you for fixing. Cloning works perfect now!
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