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When cloning a site from dev.example.com to example.com not all URLs were changed to the new one.

site example.com -replace-content=[http://dev.example.com,https://example.com]

Did also not work.

Finally this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/search-and-replace/ found all the URLs and changed them.

I use Oxygen Builder that stores URLs in shortcodes. 

Do you need any more info what could have gone wrong?

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Hm, wierd, another site with similar software usage went just fine.

I guess it has to do with the facct that with the first one I had to use -overwrite=on as I did not realize you must not specify -wp if you are cloning and therefore had to overwrite a "fresh" site.

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The Webinoly search-replace function works for any string saved in "post_content (wp_posts)" database table (it's just a simple MySQL query to this table). If you are using any other tool that uses content saved in a different place, it won't work.
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Ah ok, thought it would change the whole database. Thanks!

When one clones a site the whole database will be replaced though?
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Cloned sites have a new DB and the overwrite parameter (if enabled) will just delete your existing cloned site before creating a new clone.
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