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Hi, Can you please advise what I need to do to resolve this? I did webinoly -verify and I see:

webinoly -verify
Verifying integrity of the entire Webinoly system...

[ERROR] Redis service not running!
********      > > >  E R R O R < < <        ***********
********   System could not work properly   ***********

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For some reason Redis is not running in your server, try reloading the service:

sudo service redis-server reload

Or, try starting the service:

sudo service redis-server start


by Rookie

Sorry, I was wrong about sudo systemctl enable redis-server. I just tried it and still in the Redis settings I see Redis Object Cache Status: Disconnected. However, what I tried in the past was service redis-server restart. I just tried this and it works -- Status: Connected.

by Expert
No, you don't need to add nothing at cron.

Be careful, I just listed the errors that were fixed in the latest release. Take only what you need, surely you were not affected by all of them, some of them only appears with certain cloud providers.

In the Redis case you only have to run this command once, after that everything should work fine and you never need to run this command again. The same for the SWAP and 404 solutions.

by Expert
Yes, you first need to start the Redis service and the other command is to ensure Redis start automatically at boot.
by Rookie
Thanks. At reboot the redis service never starts -- every time I reboot I have to do service redis-server restart. What is the best way to make sure this starts when i reboot?
by Expert

First of all, be sure Redis is running, then run the command to enable the automatic starting at boot.

You can check the service status: sudo systemctl status redis-server

In the "Loaded" line, see if service is loaded and enabled.

In the "Active" line, see if is active and running.

This issue is only happening on Vultr and is not a Webinoly issue, some other affected users already reported this issue as solved with the latest Webinoly release, I don't really know what is happening in your specific case.


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