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Hey i know mariadb is a drop in replacement and should work but in my case it doesn't. Mariadb doesn't support ANY_VALUE sql command(I've tried runcloud which uses mariadb and query fails ) and I absolutely need this to work. Can I get mysql instead of mariadb? If yes, can I use all commands without manually doing anything(I'm not a sysadmin)? Thanks

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No, it's not possible.

You can install MySQL manually but you will break some Webinoly features.

Thanks  Will disabling FULL_GROUP_BY help run ANY_VALUE queries?
by Expert
To be honest, I don't know.

If you find a solution or a workaround, please share it here for the other users.

I tried disabling ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY and doesn't work. Seems like MariaDB can't actually be used as MYSQL replacement always. Sad to know. I had to switch to MYSQL.
Would be great if selecting MYSQL is possible with the installation of webinoly. Thanks1
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