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I try to enable plugin "Nginx Helper" and change its settings. But the settings are not saved.

I tried to create other new sites, but the "Nginx Helper" also does not save its settings.

What could be the problem? What do you recommend to check?

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Hi JustArt,

I have no idea!

Did this issue is only with Nginx-Helper plugin?
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I have the same problem, only with nginx helper. Permissions are correct
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Unfortunatly Nginx-Helper is not under our control, we're just suggesting this plugin for a better experience with Nginx FastCGI Cache. We have seen some users having different issues with this plugin we will start testing another plugin as an option and maybe use it instead of Nginx-Helper.

This seems like a good option: https://wordpress.org/plugins/nginx-cache/

What do you guys think?

Nginx-Helper is good enough or we better look for a better option?

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This plugin works good for me - https://wordpress.org/plugins/snipe-nginx-cache/

The functions are the same as Nginx Helper
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I saw it in your last comment and looks pretty good, unfortunately they don't have support for WordPress Multisite.
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I trying to use Cache Sniper plugin, and it works fine
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