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I am getting the following warning from Matomo 4.x analytics... "It is recommended to configure a 'max_allowed_packet' size in your MySQL database of at least 64MB. Configured is currently 16MB."

What are your thoughts on this recommendation?

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by Expert
If you are sending packages bigger than 16M to be stored in the database, maybe images or some data bigger than that, of course you should raise this value.

 To be honest, under normal conditions I think 16M is enough, you should check in your code why you have these enormous packages, and what kind of data you're trying to store that need so much space.
by Talented
Who knows, maybe a few years down the road 16M won't be enough. I will deal with it if/then.
by Talented
The answer I got was... "Matomo can be used on very large websites with enough visitors for just the raw log data using up hundreds of gigabytes of data. If your website has few enough visitors for this to never get an issue, you can simply ignore the warning. If you ever get “Mysql Server has gone away” errors or such, you might want to look into increasing the limits."
by Expert
It sounds like a horrible DB design, but to be honest and fair, I have no experience with "matomo", so I don't really know what they are doing.
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