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Why did you remove the usage of the IP instead of a domain? I am aware I can create it with any domain then comment out the server_name in the nginx conf files but why did we remove the IP option? Is there anywhere to bypass the URL verification you introduced in the last version? I tried to look in the documentation and couldn't find anything about it.

Thank you so much.

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It was completely unintentional, we just improved the function we use to validate the domain name. Removing the server_name is not recommended, please, read the documentation about how to set a default Nginx response.

Create a "whateverdotcom" site, and then set it as default. This is the correct way to achieve what you want!

by Rookie
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Thank you!

Why is removing server_name is not recommended by the way? Just curious

by Expert
  • It will break some Webinoly functions that expect this value.
  • Nginx has the default_server directive that works better in this case. Webinoly uses this directive to set the default response.
  • If you have multiple Nginx server blocks, server_name directive is needed to decide which server block will be used to serve each request.
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