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by Rookie
Hi, first of all I'd like to say that I am REALLY impressed with Webinoly for multisites.

I think I am having some sort of bug or maybe I missed some part of the instructions.

I followed the full guide and created a multisite using subdomains.

I then created a SSL for the main website. I am able to create subsites from the dashboard with no problem, and have edited wp-config in order to fix the cookies.

Now I am facing two problems:

1. Whenever I set a new parked domain, my main site gets redirected to the newly created parked domain and I have to go to phpmyadmin and edit the wp_options table in order to set the URL back to the right URL. I guess I must be doing something wrong here.

2. When the new site is created, the SSL has a common name mismatch. Is it something I am doing wrong at the DNS provider? Do I need to set an extra parameter when I am creating the certificate?

Thank you very much.
by Expert

Can you confirm if it's the same issue like the described here: SSL for parked domain not Valid - Webinoly Community

by Rookie
Sounds like it could be. The weirdest thing is that the main site wp_options is being overwritten. Is this expected behaviour?
by Expert
Mmmm... can you please elaborate on the detailed steps to reproduce this issue.
by Rookie

Sure I can!

I started with 

wget -qO weby qrok.es/wy && sudo bash weby 3


sudo webinoly -conf-value_max-mb-uploads=200
sudo webinoly -conf-value_nginx-ppa=mainline
sudo webinoly -timezone=America/Sao_Paulo

sudo site mainsite.com -wp -env=development

sudo site mainsite.com -ssl=on
sudo site mainsite.com -multisite-convert
Then I edited wp-config, went to the dashboard, created the network as a subdomain, and created a website.
Went to cloudflare, pointed the new domain as a A domain to the same IP as the main site.
sudo site newdomain.com -parked=mainsite.com
sudo site newdomain.com -ssl=on -root=mainsite.com
at this point, when I tried accessing the main website it redirected to the newly created parked domain.
i then had to go to my database and edit the wp_options to fix the addresses.
actual live examples:
https://landingpages.desenro.la (mainsite)
https://landing1.desenro.la (subsite)
https://novosubdominio.desenro.la (subsite)

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by Expert

First of all, seems like you're trying to domain mapping the main site, that makes no sense, if you want to do that just create the main site using the domain you want. Domain Mapping is for subsites.

Also, you don't need to edit the wp-config file, and also it's not a good idea to report a server issue using Cloudflare.


Hi QROkes,

Firstly thanks heaps for your awesome product.

I've just come across this issue as well. When mapping a domain after SSL has been setup on the root domain the URL of the root domain gets changed in wp_options.

When mapping a domain without SSL everything works fine.

Hopefully these steps are detailed enough to verify.

sudo site myrootdomain.com -wp=default

sudo site myrootdomain.com -multisite-convert (set up with subdomains)

Create a new site called test.myrootdomain.com

sudo site seconddomain.com -parked=myrootdomain.com -domain-mapping-wp-id=2 (where 2 = test.myrootdomain.com)

I can then do

sudo site myrootdomain.com -ssl=on -wildcard

sudo site seconddomain.com -ssl=on -root=myrootdomain.com 

And all is fine. Verified by wp site list

blog_id url

1   https://myrootdomain.com

2. https://seconddomain.com

However if I follow these steps :

sudo site myrootdomain.com -wp=default

sudo site myrootdomain.com -ssl=on -wildcard

sudo site myrootdomain.com -multisite-convert (set up with subdomains)

Create a new site called test.myrootdomain.com

sudo site seconddomain.com -parked=myrootdomain.com -domain-mapping-wp-id=2 (where 2 = test.myrootdomain.com)

The URL of the blog ID 1 gets changed to seconddomain.com

ie. I run wp site list

blog_id url


2 http://test.myrootdomain.com

NB. It does the same thing if I do it without the -domain-mapping-wp-id switch and map it manually.

by Expert

Thanks for confirming this issue!

Just to summarize, the issue only happens when SSL is enabled, right?

Yes that's right if you park the domain when SSL is enabled on the root domain it doesnt work.

However if you park the domains first and then enable SSL it is ok.
by Expert

Ok. Thanks!

During the last release, I did a lot of changes to the parked site's function when developing the new "domain-mapping-wp-id" functionality, and seems like I broke this same thing again.

It will be fixed in the next release v1.15.1.

For now, please everybody, SSL must be enabled after the parked site is created.

by Expert
This issue is now fixed, v1.15.1 has been released today.
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