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by Rookie

I am working on moving a site to Wordpress on a Webinoly server and I need some advice on how to deal with the SSL certificate.

The current site www.example.com is hosted on a shared hosting site builder. I don't have access to the private key for the SSL cert.

I have created a new site www.example.com by editing my Windows hosts file to point the DNS of www.example.com to the IP of my Webinoly server when accessed from my computer. The actual DNS record still points to the old site.

I want to install an SSL certificate on the new site before changing the DNS records so there is no downtime when changing from the old site to the new one.

As I understand it, I should create a certificate using the manual method.

sudo site example.com -ssl=on -manual=dns

Then I should be able to get the cert by adding a DNS txt record.

After I change the DNS record for www.example.com to the new site, I want to be able to renew the cert using the normal way in the future. Is it possible to change the method to the automatic default way once the cert has already been issued with -manual=dns?

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by Talented
You'll need an HTTP website that is already online with an open port 80, which is hosted on a server that you can access via SSH, with the ability to sudo, and optionally, if you want a wildcard certificate, you'll need the domain's DNS credentials.

If you have those you can do just about anything.
by Expert
No, when the "manual" method is used you don't need your site to be publicly reachable. The question is about if changing the method is allowed after the cert if issued.
by Talented
I stand corrected.
by Rookie
By the way, the answer is yes!

This is how I did it.

Get the cert with webinoly using the manual method and then edit the /etc/letsencrypt/renewal/example.com.conf file. I just looked at the .conf file from another site that I got the cert from normally to know how to fill it in.
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