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Recently I had a problem where I couldn't ssh on one of my servers and eventually I found that it was because of some wrong permissions accidentally set to the .ssh folder.

This is completely unrelated to Webinoly, of course, but it made me thinking that maybe it would be nice if Webinoly could include some sort of "Diagnostics" option, to detect potential issues like wrong permissions on specific folders or even a server that is running out of space.

Basically, something like WordPress' "Site health", only for the entire server, and on the command line. It could be manually run, or go into a cron job and notify the admin on potential issues.

I'm not sure if it is within the scope of the project, but it sounds like an interesting idea.

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Hi Giorgos,

In fact, v1.14.1 is planned to be focused in the "verify" command, a lot of improvements are in the roadmap in this area. What you are thinking is exactly what the "verify" command is thought.

  • I have planned to include a permissions/owner check only for the /www/var/ directory. Maybe we should include some additional folders as you mentioned.
  • I have planned to include a "size/space" check for logs folder. Maybe we should include some more details here.
What do you think? How can we improve this command?
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That's great to hear!

Including more important files to the permissions check would be great. For example, this issue that I mentioned drove me crazy before I figure out (with the help of a friend) what was going on. And it was just a stupid mistake.

The size of the logs folder is certainly the most important check. Maybe it would be useful if we could have some additional site stats as well, like the largest sites overall or even the total size of the entire server.

Maybe some brainstorming from other people would bring up some interesting ideas as well as to what else the "verify" command could check. I don't know if it would make sense to make suggestions for potential setting misconfigurations, like for example: "on example.com you have turned caching on and httpauth protection off, but it appears to be a staging site".

Including an easy way to put it in a cron and notify via email for potential issues would be a nice luxury as well.
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A lot of improvements in this area have been made in the last minor releases (v1.14.1/2). Any feedback would be highly appreciated!

Thanks, Giorgos!
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