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When cloning a Webinoly site externally [same domain, new webhost, new server] I need to provide credentials for the new server.

I have already installed Webinoly and the same domain/site on the new server.

To clone the site...

DB Username -- should I use the db_user, root or admin username?  

DB Password -- if it's the db_user, do I use root, admin or another password? 


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Terence, we don't provide support for external tools, I know nothing about "ManageWP", but I think is safe to assume that the DB user/pass used in wp-config is enough for this task. You can see these credentials with the "info" command: sudo example.com -info

Of course, my official answer should be: Please, use the backup tools provided by Webinoly, cloning sites, backups and export/import tools are all available directly from the command line without the need of heavier GNU tools. wink


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Yes, I get that, but what I am saying is that there has to be something that Webinoly has not transferred or is not activating correctly because the one is a copy of the other, apart from the cloudflare.crt which I transferred manually.

How do I get Webinoly to recreate the chain that matches the Cloudflare cert I have configured?
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In your case is CF who sends "the chain", not Webinoly, Webinoly cannot recreate that chain. Is the source of the request who needs/sends that chain to access the server. That's why I think your issue is with CF and not on the server side.
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I found the source of the problem -- me!

Not wanting to wait for the IP to propagate, during server setup I had changed my local hosts file on my PC in order to access the domain under the new IP address. Apparently, this short-circuiting of CF's DNS was causing the problem because as soon as I removed the IP from the hosts file the site worked perfectly.

So first let me say, again, sorry for burdening you with a problem I caused.

Secondly, let me say what a joy it is to use Webinoly export and import. It is, without a doubt, the most powerful but easy to use site/server migration too I have ever used. I will never use any other.

Excellent, thank  you so much Cristhian.
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Glad you have found a solution!

Now I'm thinking that maybe in the future I can add some extra locations to look at when exporting a server, for example /etc/nginx/certs if not empty we should include it in the exported file. 

I need to make a list of the most commonly used locations.

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Good idea, although it wouldn't have stopped me from making this mistake.
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