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Thanks for webinoly,

I have a woocommerce website running on a vps with these specs:

  • Ram : 15g
  • Cpu : 4
  • Webinoly v : 1.13.1
  • I have installed and activated the Redis and Nginx WordPress plugins

My problem is that i have to connect using ssh every 12h and run the command "sudo webinoly -clear-cache=all" every 12h, otherwise the server will crash because no memory space was found !

I can't find the problem, thanks for help;


1 Answer

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You can automate clear ram each 59 minutes by example with this tip:

1- nano /root/clearram.sh

- write this:


sync; echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches

swapoff -a

-Save an exit

2- chmod 777 /root/clearram.sh

3- crontab -e

-write: */59 * * * * /root/clearram.sh

Save and exit

4- sudo service cron reload

All done
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