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by Rookie

I have a site (mainsite.com) running php (cs-cart)

2 Week ago: add site1.com

sudo site site1.com -parked=mainsite.com
sudo site site1.com -ssl=on

ssl was created for site1.com, site1 configuration file has no ssl configuration part. I added it manually. Everything worked fine after that.

Today: add site2.com

sudo site site2.com -parked=mainsite.com
sudo site site2.com -ssl=on

[ERROR] Seems like you are trying to request an SSL Certificate for a Parked / Mapped Domain.
Please, use the '-root=domain.com' parameter to specify the main domain.

If your site is using the Reverse Proxy configuration, please use the '-root-path =/opt/app' option.

Running again:

sudo site site2.com -ssl=on -root=mainsite.com

SSL was notified successfully created.

Go to site2.com, the ssl error was caused by the certificate obtained from mainsite.com

by Expert
Sorry, but I don't understand what you're trying to explain. Can you please elaborate a little bit more with details?
by Rookie
for site2.com, the ssl information is for mainsite.com
by Expert

Sorry, but you need to provide details in order to be able to reproduce your issue.

  • Are you saying that you are getting different results with the same version of Webinoly 2 weeks later?
  • Why is site1 different of site2?
  • Are you using custom Nginx rules in your mainsite?
  • Your mainsite was created as PHP and you're using the default conf?
  • Can you please provide the exact steps to reproduce your issue in a fresh Webinoly installation?

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