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I have a local web server listening on port 80

can i make a nginx redirect to it using ssl?


sudo site example.com -proxy=[localhost:80] -ssl
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That makes no sense and it will be broken in a couple of months when the cert will try to auto-renew and it will be misconfigured!

Please, read the docs about how to create a cert for reverse proxy sites with custom root paths. You don't need to create an "empty" site!
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I regret nothing =)
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It may break, but it's a problem for me from the future

I tried to search for information on webinoly documentation site and found only examples for local sites
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Create a website with a Reverse Proxy configuration in Nginx

sudo site example.com -proxy=[localhost:3001]

Go to the path /etc/nginx/sites-available/and edit the file example.com. Find and comment on the line includeas below

	# WebinolyCustom
	# include apps.d/example.com-proxy.conf;
	# WebinolyCustomEnd

Restart nginx

nginx -t && nginx -s reload

Create a directory for ssl authentication , which can be deleted after the ssl has been created

mkdir /var/www/example.com/htdocs

Create SSL

sudo site example.com -ssl=on

Now go to the path again /etc/nginx/sites-available/and edit the file example.com. Currently this file has the ssl configuration added. Now we change the line includeback to the original:

# WebinolyCustom
include apps.d/example.com-proxy.conf;
# WebinolyCustomEnd

Restart nginx

nginx -t && nginx -s reload
by Expert

Guys, this is a professional forum and you will be banned from here if you insist on writing and recommending these non-sense things. If you think you found a bug or you have a recommendation, please do it in a professional way including all the details.

Low-effort questions are not welcome here!

There's a section in the docs titled "Certificates for Reverse Proxy sites", and also you can find a practical example in the advanced tutorial that is recommended in our docs.

 Please, I think it's not that hard to follow these simple instructions.

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