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by Rookie
Hello, thank you for your excellent work with webinoly, I sometimes have the blank page problem, I type the url directory and suddenly nothing appears on the homepage. Would you help me?

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Hi arrenato,

Please, elaborate more to know the details. It's impossible trying to help you if we don't know the details. Blank pages can be caused by a lot of things, most of the times due to poorly coded themes/plugins.


by Rookie
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Sometimes I find the homepage all white, when I activate the fast cgi cache, to return to normal I have to type something after domain.com/shop, after that it returns to appear the homepage loading normally. This only happens when you activate the cache in the domain.

Cache disabled works perfectly!
by Expert

Ok. That shouldn't be happening.

First of all, you should check your logs and see what is happening at the moment you receive a blank page.

sudo log domain.com -error

Also, is it also happening with all your plugins disabled?

Did you test it using an standard WP theme like Twenty Nineteen, for instance?


by Rookie
Yes, I tested with default wp theme, it's strange this error only occurs when the cache is active, sometimes some woocommerce products also do not appear.

Is there a bug in configuring custom nginx?

if ($request_uri ~* "/basket.*|/shop.*|/store.*|/carrinho.*|/loja.*|/cart.*|/my-account.*|/minha-conta.*|/checkout.*|/finalizar-compra.*|/562310.*|/addons.*") {

         set $skip_cache 1;

by Expert

Please, as I said before:

  • Check your logs.
  • Check with all your plugins disabled.
Also, you should check removing your custom nginx conf. Webinoly have native support for WooCommerce.
This way you can debug and isolate the blank page issue.
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