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Using Webinoly to export and import the website, what's the workflow to migrate a WordPress SSL website using the same domain name on a different server with a new IP address?  

At what point do I flip the DNS, and when do I activate SSL on the new site?

And to what extent is it possible to migrate the content only?

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Not sure if I'm understanding your question, but just go ahead and do it, SSL should be flawlessly migrated.

And to what extent is it possible to migrate the content only?

Webinoly have an option to only backup the database.

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Thank you.

So then I will install an empty WP instance first and then migrate the database. But it wasn't the entire database I wanted. Just the site content.

And what I meant was, at what point in the process should I flip the DNS from the old IP to the new one -- just before the actual migration I assume? Although I can work with changing my local hosts file.
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Yeah, of course, just after you are sure everything is working fine in the new server.

And remember that due to certbot (letsencrypt) limitations, SSL certs can't be exported/imported for individual sites, it just work when the whole server is migrated.
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Is there a switch I can use to grab just the content and not the whole database?
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You need a plugin for that!
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