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I need a certificate for my S3 object storage which is on remote Wasabi server.

`sudo site horseboxheaven.uk -ssl=on -wildcard`


`sudo site hbh-cdn.horseboxheaven.uk -ssl=on -add-to-wildcard=horseboxheaven.uk`

produces an [ERROR] Domain not found!

How do I add this cname sub-domain to the wildcard certificate?

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Should I set up a reverse proxy?

`sudo site hbh-cdn.horseboxheaven.uk -proxy=[hbh-cdn.horseboxheaven.uk.s3.eu-central-1.wasabisys.com]`
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Yes, that's exactly what a reverse proxy is for.

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That makes no sense!

You cannot use a cert in a domain that is not hosted on the same server.
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"http://"  laugh 

I also found over here in a message Diki wrote me, that he did things differently, and in a different order, which, as far as I can see, is not clear from the documentation.  Just goes to show, you don't know what you don't know... until some kind soul points it out to you!

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For comments like this is that sometimes I think that I should close this forum, seriously!

Your case is very different from the dikis case. Dikis case is reverse proxy with custom path, yours is a reverse proxy that requires a manual cert because the origin is in a different server.

Try accessing your origin server directly and you will see the same error, so that means that you need to force the http scheme, but you prefer to come here to say that the problem is in the docs, that is the author fault because you are a "marketing guy" that doesn't know and is my obligation to come here and give you a step by step guide because you don't even want to read.

That's exactly why I put a warning message on the installation page.
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You don't have to close the forum. I'll leave.
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Cristhian, you write excellent software. Some of the best I have ever found. But Webinoly documentation is minimalistic to the point of inadequacy. It's the prime reason why, sooner or later, we all end up here. Also, you shouldn't be trying to provide support — you don't have the temperament for the job. You are deliberately rude and unhelpful, when anyone asks a question which doesn't measure up to your high standards, and even though you could help, you don't. Too often you just criticize and denigrate, rather than helping your users, and that can never be the right way to treat people. I have put up with your attitude for a while now because I figured, as the software was free, I pretty much had to take the rough with the smooth. But, I have enough shit in my life right now, without having to put up with yours, so this is my last message before I cancel my subscription and leave you in peace. For all the great software you write I applaud you. For the lack of empathy and your control-freakery, trying to impose your personal world-view on everyone else, I hope one day you will realize both yours, and your documentation's limitations, and fix them both. I am only sorry I won't be around to see it. Bye, and thanks for all the fish.
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Sorry Terence, I know you're a nice guy, but we can't avoid having a bad expectations problem here.

Webinoly is a product focused on engineers and developers, like sysadmins and devops professionals, that means our docs are written with that in mind. Sorry, but it's not in our plans to have a product that satisfies any other segment of users.

I'm aware that we have a very significant base of users that not meet these criteria, and maybe in the future we can think about how to take advantage of this situation, but for now it would be impossible to think that we can assist all of them.

I know we have a lot of things to improve and we will surely make decisions to improve this little community that I have to admit that it hasn't worked as we expected.
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