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If I want all pages like this https://bluecorner.com.pe/tienda/casa-arena-en-playa-las-totoritas-12-personas/ to not be cached. Would "sudo webinoly -skip-cache=/tienda/*" work?

The reason for doing this is that the products are bookings, and availability needs to be checked every page load. I had issues with the availability not loading, I excluded /tienda/* and while it seems to have improved a lot, I still get the issue a few times per week (it was daily before) and purging the cache solves it.


by Rookie

So, I have confirmed that turning off the cache (without purging) also fixes the issue. Why wouldn't "sudo webinoly -skip-cache=/tienda/*" work to prevent pages like https://bluecorner.com.pe/tienda/casa-arena-en-playa-las-totoritas-12-personas/ to be cached?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

by Expert
Please, read the docs!

Do you know what a regex is?
by Rookie
I did read the docs, and yes, I know what a regex is :-)

From your answer, I guess "sudo webinoly -skip-cache=/tienda/*" is wrong... will look further.

by Rookie
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For anyone interested, the correct command for my case is:

sudo webinoly -skip-cache='(/tienda/)' -regex=insensitive

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