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by Rookie
I'd like to make it work with rocket nginx(WP rocket) . Can you help? Or if not, where should I add custom confs?

Also, does webinoly protect brute force SSH logins??

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by Expert
Please, read the documentation, specially the Site command docs at the end you will find the "Nginx setup per site" section to know how to add custom nginx rules. WP Rocket does not make sense when you have FastCGI cache available in Webinoly.

Nowadays, top PaaS cloud providers all of them have the option to use SSH keys and disable password authentication. That's the best method to protect your server against that kind of attacks.

by Rookie
Thank you for the answer.

Won't we permanently lose access if SSH keys are lost?

 Also, what about OS updates? Did webinoly does anything for it or any automated solution you would recommend? Thanks .
by Expert
Yes, if you lose you SSH keys, you won't be able to connect to your server via SSH.

Eventhough is not recommended, you can easily set a cron job to automate updates.

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