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by Rookie
I need to edit php.ini to set the memory_limit to 256M. When I try using the proper Webinoly method using the -conf-value tag, I get the message "Please enter a valid option". If I edit it manually and then use -server-reset=php, then the value gets reset to 128M.

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by Expert

Hi pediwent,

Two things:

  • Commands syntax in Webinoly use one single hyphen, you are putting double hyphens.
  • Remove the "M" at the end of the value, Webinoly automatically recognize this value as "Megabytes".
# Example:
sudo webinoly -conf-value_php-max-mem=256
sudo webinoly -server-reset=php
Please, tell me if it works for you.
by Rookie
Sorry, the double hyphen was a typo - I was using a single hyphen when running the command. I had tried it both with and without the M and got the same result. I literally cut and pasted your command into the terminal and still got the valid option error.

I did solve the problem by editing the fastcgi params in nginx, but would love to be able to handle this within Webinoly.
by Expert
How did you change PHP memory limit with FastCGI params? Sorry, but that not makes sense.

Be sure you are using the latest version of Webinoly, this feature was introduced in the last release (v1.7.0).
by Rookie

Ah, thanks for mentioning the version. I was still on 1.4. Updating made it all work. 

To change the PHP memory limit, I edited /etc/nginx/fastcgi_params and added:

fastcgi_param  PHP_VALUE "memory_limit = 256M";

It worked, but now I can do it the preferred way. Appreciate the help!

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