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I have a database server on the private network, so I want to connect to it via local IP.

I tried to use this where I give an IP address in the host field:
sudo webinoly -external-db-save=[user,pass,host:port]

External DB data successfully saved.

But when trying to install WP I get this error:
[ERROR] Invalid database host/port!

From ssh I can connect to the database, so the network configuration seems to be fine.


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Thanks for reporting this issue!

I will fix it in the next release v1.14.2.

If you want it, it's a simple fix you can add in the meantime.

Line 190 of /opt/webinoly/lib/sites

# This line:
elif [[ $(is_url $dbhost) =~ ^(http|https|true)$ ]]; then

# New line with IP support:
elif [[ $(is_url $dbhost) =~ ^(http|https|ip|true)$ ]]; then

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Thank you for the hotfix.

I applied it.

Works without problems.

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Just for the record, this issue was fixed in v1.14.2 released today.

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