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by Rookie
So I discovered the stack command to set php version. I had php versions from 5.6 up to 8.0 installed on my DO droplet but Webinoly WP insisted on using 7.2.x.

So I ran the 'stack -php-ver=7.4' command. The command ran forever and finally I had only version 7.4 left. Not what I wanted. There really should be more of a warning here.

But worse than that, now none of the 4 WP sites work at all.

How do I relink them to this one and only php version correctly?

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by Expert
This is totally out of our hands!

Webinoly has never supported multiple PHP versions, if you have this configuration is because you manually did it and it's out of the scope of this project.
by Expert

Here are my recommendations:

  • You should always make a backup at least once a day (I do it 3 times per day) for files and databases.
  • You should have a fast recovery plan. People under high-stress situations don't have the same clarity for taking decisions. You need to have a written plan to follow with all the steps to recover your backup in a fresh server. You don't want to think, just follow the steps!
  • Never run a server (VPS) for more than 4 months without doing at least one "stop/start" cycle. In AWS this means that it will be reassigned to a new and "more fresh" physical server.
In Webinoly you will find all that you need to manage your server. Ideally, we can have servers running for years with just some basic maintenance, but "shit happens" and you should always be ready for any unexpected situation.
by Rookie
You are of course right. Maybe I'm a bit too old for this new thinking :)

I have now replaced my DO droplet by restoring from an automated backup made just two days ago. Everything is now working fine (as it used to before issuing the stack command).

Now, how do I go about upgrading from php 7.2.34 to 7.4 properly so not to repeat this disastrous outcome?
by Expert
I don't understand, you now have a new server and you have 7.2 installed? Why? (7.4 is the default for new installations)

Anyway, the "-php-ver" is the only option to change the PHP version.
by Rookie
No, its not a brand new server. Its a restore of a backup from a few days ago when everything was working. This is a Digital Ocean feature I guess you can say.

So there is no other way to manipulate the php version or settings?
by Expert
In case that you decide to move everything to a new and fresh server. Please, read the docs, Webinoly has multiple options that can be very useful in these cases for backups and exporting/importing sites or complete servers.
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