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Hi updated webinoly and now i have these issues:

nginx -t

nginx: [emerg] "set" directive is not allowed here in /etc/nginx/common/wpfc.conf:4

nginx: [emerg] "location" directive is not allowed here in /etc/nginx/common/locations.conf:5

(commenting out the lines it specifies just added more lines it complains about)

root@localhost:~# nginx -v

nginx version: nginx/1.14.1

Only way to get nginx to start is by doing the following:

#       include common/wpfc.conf;

#       include common/wpcommon.conf;

#       include common/locations.conf;

It has issues with all of these files.


EDIT --- i've fixed this not sure how but working.

i now have the following errors however:

nginx: [warn] could not build optimal fastcgi_params_hash, you should increase either fastcgi_params_hash_max_size: 512 or fastcgi_params_hash_bucket_size: 64; ignoring fastcgi_params_hash_bucket_size

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Hi Cossie,

I'm glad that you found a solution. Most of these errors are caused by custom nginx rules added by users.

Now you are getting a warning, not an error. If you want to learn more about this warning message you should read the official Nginx docs: http://nginx.org/en/docs/hash.html


by Rookie
Hi QROkes,

From what i've read, in theory i shouldnt be having this issue with one simple site. In any case i've tried to up the values and restarted nginx to no avail.

Any idea? I haven't really changed much of the default webinoly install configurations, which is why i was surpised to see this error.

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It's really difficult know what is happening in a server without seeing the confi files during the error. That's why is very important that people managing servers at least have to know how to debug Nginx errors.

Webinoly does a lot of automatic things, but there are a lot of things that people can change and customize that it's really impossible know how to prevent all of these errors.

Despite all of these things, most of the time and for most of the people, this thing works really well!
by Rookie
Hi QROkes,

i have no issue with webinoly, it think its a great script etc.

I come from a world of Windows Servers and Linux/Apache and chose to run nginx for this project as it is for myself, and would be good to learn something new.

I asked on this forum mainly due to the fact i was using the script and the issues came from updating the script - could have been a quick win.

I have googled the error and it seems very few people have had this one specifically.

Thanks for the help.
by Expert
Thanks for your kind support to this project.

Don't hesitate to ask any question.

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