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i added a second wp site and enbled ssl. But it redirects to the first wp site i have.

What am i doing wrong?
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by Rookie
Very stupid.... The database was corrupt. reimported the right DB and it was fixed....

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Hi gamemaster84,

Are you added custom nginx rules?

If your nginx conf is correct, you should try a different browser, maybe you're having issues with cache in your browser.

Also, please check if you are running an old version of Webinoly and see this issue: https://webinoly.com/support/181/subdomain-redirected-to-main-domain


by Rookie
I have the latest version and no custom nginx rules.

1 thing I did was to set dekkerdienstverlening.nl as default domain to see the site with its ip number. I reverted back to default but still no luck.
by Expert
Did you try using a different browser?

Check the nginx conf of each site, did you see something wrong?

What did you do to try to fix it?

Debug it!
by Rookie
I tried different browsers, checked nginx conf. Tried dis and reanable both sites. tried redirect www. nothing happens...

I'll try to dig deeper
by Expert
I see that you closed this issue.

Can you tell us, how did you fix it?

Just as a reference for the other users.

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