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Two problems with Nginx Helper:

  • AMP is not updating automaticity.
  • Cache is not flushing when there is an update in the comment system.

I got these problems solved using "Nginx Cache" plugin by Till Krüss (who is also the author of Redis plugin which Webinoly is currently recommending).

Shouldn't Webinoly recommend to install "Nginx Cache" plugin instead of Nginx Helper? 

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Yes, I also faced this problem.

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I'm not aware of these issues, but I have to tell that I've been looking for a substitute with no success. Every plugin have their own issues, I've been thinking in start developing a new one, but to be honest I have no time available for this new project.

Till Kruss Nginx-Cache plugin does not support WP multisite, this issue have been reported several times by users and the author seems like don't care about it.

We need to find a substitute soon!
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