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by Rookie


I'm moving from WordOps to Webinoly and I would like to keep using the DNS API of Alibaba and Cloudflare to issuing the SSL certificates for my websites by using acme.sh.

Now, I am not an IT engineer... therefore I'd need your kind help to be able to do it :). 

Basically, first I have created a Wordpress website, for a domain that I bought to do some tests, through Webinoly. Then, I have installed acme.sh and activated it (Ubuntu 20.04) and used it to issue a certificate (as described here https://github.com/acmesh-official/acme.sh and with some googling). I got the certificate but it doesn't work with my https:// address of my new WordPress website. Anyway, here is where my certificates have been installed through acme.sh:


  • Your cert is in: /root/.acme.sh/easydigy.com/easydigy.com.cer
  • Your cert key is in: /root/.acme.sh/easydigy.com/easydigy.com.key
  • The intermediate CA cert is in: /root/.acme.sh/easydigy.com/ca.cer
  • And the full chain certs is there: /root/.acme.sh/easydigy.com/fullchain.cer

So if I enter into my website on HTTP://:easydigy.com I can see my WordPress installation. But if I change the protocol to HTTPS:// I can't access (error message "La página easydigy.com ha rechazado la conexión.")

So my question is, how can I use these certificates once I have issued them through DNA API?

Thank you for your kind support.


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by Expert

Sorry, but Webinoly only has native support for Certbot, which is the official package for using Let's Encrypt. We can not (never) include support for third-party unofficial packages for security and reliability reasons.

Of course, you can always add and use any software package you want, but you will need to manually configure everything at your own risk.

by Rookie
OK, I understand it, I buy your argument.

Thanks a million for your quick response!


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