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by Rookie

I have a problem when restoring my entire site when using Duplicator Backup. It showed this error:

The database where the package was created has a character set and collation that is not supported on this server. This issue happens when a site is moved from a newer version of MySQL to an older version of MySQL. The recommended fix is to update MySQL on this server to support the character set that is failing below. If this is not an option for your host, then you can continue the installation. Invalid values will be replaced with the default values. For more details about this issue and other details regarding this issue see the FAQ link below.

Character set and collation isn't supported on current database. "Legacy Character set" and "Legacy Collation" will be replaced with default values.

Default charset and setting in current installation
DB_CHARSET = utf8mb4
DB_COLLATE = utf8mb4_general_ci

MySQL now just supports only utf8bm4 instead of utf8.

Is there anyway to fix this situation? Thanks a lot

2 Answers

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by Expert

It has nothing to do with Webinoly.

Please read: Downgrading MariaDB is not supported.

by Rookie
So, can I installer the older version of MariaDB when install older version of Webinoly?
by Expert

Please, read the documentation!

You can set/change the MariaDB version to be installed.

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by Rookie
Hi @phatlam - it's been a couple years since you reported the issue, but I ran into the same problem with Duplicator and MariaDB. It took me some days to figure out the solution, so I wanted to post it here in case it might help others.

The reason for the error is that MariaDB 10.6 and above do not have "utf8" in the list of supported character sets, even though it does exist as an alias to utf8mb3.

Since MariaDB doesn't support downgrading, a new server must be prepared; before installing the stack with Webinoly, run:

sudo stack -mysql-ver=10.5

After that, Duplicator packages from older servers can be successfully imported.
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