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by Rookie

I was trying to update webinoly but my site got down and the CLI stuck in some process.
I saw that NGINX service had stopped.
I wanted to reinstall NGINX as it would've fixed the problem.
I ran the purge command from the documentation in order to remove NGINX.

Here are the outputs

¡ C A U T I O N !  You are about to remove NGINX from your server!
phpMyAdmin will be removed too because depends on Nginx.
 Are you sure [y/N]? **I agreed**
Do you want to delete your sites data directory (/var/www) [Y/n]? **I didn't do anything and the process continued**
¡ C A U T I O N !  You are about to remove phpMyAdmin from your server!

And then all my sites along with the databases got deleted.
Please note that it automatically proceeded when the delete sites confirmation came.

I had faced the same issue earlier, but I had thought that I had agreed by mistake.

This seems like a bug.
It would be great if:

  1. By default, the sites are not deleted while purging the service.It should not even ask
  2. And explicit flag must be defined for it to delete the sites.
  3. Fix the bug of the sites getting deleted without approval.
Thanks for your help!

2 Answers

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by Expert

Sorry, but I cannot reproduce your issue!

I did a quick test (Ubuntu 20.04) and everything is working as expected on my side, the two questions are properly executed.

Do you have any special case or details to reproduce this issue?

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by Rookie

You yourself allowed the sites to be deleted.

Do you want to delete your sites data directory (/var/www) [Y/n]? **I didn't do anything and the process continued**

As you can see, the default is Yes (Caps)

At this stage, you had to refuse to delete sites by pressing N

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