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by Rookie
I'm going to transfer my sites to Webinoly. And for revision and testing I use -env=local copies.

But when cloning a wp site into production, the user names and databases are overwritten with the default names.

How do I save or set custom usernames and database name when cloning?

PS: Nginx-helper doesn't work in wordpress anymore. I use MT Cache Manager. Can you recommend something better?

With respect to Webinoly!

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by Expert

Hi Applica,

When cloning a site, a new DB and user are created for the new cloned site always. This new cloned site is a new site with a different domain, so it can not use the same DB and user as the original site.

  • You can change the "ENV" on the same site without cloning it.
  • To be honest I had never thought about this use case, I will think about it and maybe in the future we can add an option to customize the DB data when cloning a site.
BTW, I have no problems with Nginx-Helper, it works fine for me.
by Rookie
Perhaps I expressed myself incorrectly.

There is a working website. A database with a custom username and database.

For tests, a clone has been created. (as you said, he created his own database and user names)

but when I try to update a working site with the command

# Push updates to production

sudo site example.com -clone-from=local.example.com -cache=on -env=production -overwrite=on

then the user and database names are overwritten with the default names. (custom ones are overwritten).

I can't find how to save custom usernames and databases from the working site after the update.
by Expert
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Ok, now I understand!

Currently, the "overwrite" option is just removing the old site and cloning the new site. So, as you can see, it's not really "overwriting", it just simulates this operation.

I'm scheduling right now these two improvements in our release plan for the next year (v1.17.0 maybe):

  • Support for custom DB data when cloning a site.
  • When cloning a site, the "overwrite" option should preserve the original DB data.

Thanks for reporting these improvements.


Edit: Support when cloning does not make sense, if we can do it when creating the site and preserve it when overwriting it, it's enough! Now scheduled for v1.16.1.

by Expert

Webinoly v1.16.2 has been released!

Can you please confirm that these issue has been fixed?


by Rookie
Thank you, everything is fine, there is no more problem. now the original database data is saved .
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