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Can I build a site without the -cache option and then add the functionality later, after development is complete? What exactly does the -cache option do? Is it the same as adding nginx helper and redis cache plugins? If so, I suppose I could just add the two plugins later, right?


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Please, read the documentation.

And yes, cache can be enabled/disabled whenever you want.

The best way to learn: TRY IT!

Please, read the docs, play with Nginx before asking. Nginx Cache is a little bit more complicated than you think.

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I'll read up on it -- I've done a lot of general reading on how the caches work, but I wanted to know more specifically what happens in the install when you specify the -cache option. I want to know if it just adds the two plugins, or if there are a lot of other settings it makes to the installation and within the nginx configuration that would be hard to do manually.
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I think these two commands are used to toggle the NGINX and Redis cache.

sudo site example.com -cache=on

sudo site example.com -cache=off

You also have to deactivate/active the cache plugins.

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Basically, what we do is just check for the suggested plugins and use wpfc.conf file instead php.conf in your site nginx configuration. You can check what is inside this files if you want a complete fastcgi-cache understanding.

Also, you can check the official Nginx documentation about this topic and the proper Nginx directives.
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