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First of all, thank you for this fantastic piece of software. I've now migrated over 100s of websites over webinoly and using it to manage the stack.

Most of these websites use Cloudflare's nameservers and DNS. When deploying a new website and SSL already behind CF proxy, ACME DNS validation fails. This is perfectly fine as the origin server's IP is now behind the Cloudflare proxy. I have to disable CF momentarily and continue requesting the SSL certificate. This becomes a little more cumbersome when renewing certificates every three months.

Cloudflare lists a method to validate a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for an active Cloudflare site on the origin server.

Is it possible to integrate the flags as mentioned so Webinoly can achieve further automation?

Thank you!

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Please, read the documentation!

HTTP validation is already supported in Webinoly.

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