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I'm able to upgrade to the latest version 1.16, but at the end step to verify the integrity of the Webinoly system it's failed. Pls see the screenshot https://i.vgy.me/8RYgaD.png

closed with the note: Just for the record: This kind of errors about missing packages were actually present before the update. In the last update, Webinoly just improved to check all these things, that's why now you're seeing these messages. I don't know how these packages are suddenly/randomly dissappearing for "some" people. But I'm glad that Webinoly is now detecting these issues.

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Good afternoon, after completing the installation packade, errors like this:

Verifying integrity of the entire Webinoly system...

- [ERROR] File: /snap/bin/certbot not found!

-[ERROR] File: /snap/bin/duplicity not found!

ERROR System could not work properly

[ERROR] Sory, unexpected error during installation and building stack process!

Before installing, I performed:

sudo apt install shapd

sudo shap install certbot --classic

sudo shap install duplicity --classic

now everything is fine
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