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Hello, after the recent webinoly update I'm getting some errors concerning Nginx and MariaDB. Following is the output of sudo webinoly -verify

ubuntu@ip-172-26-12-195:~$ sudo webinoly -verify

Verifying integrity of the entire Webinoly system...

(1) Webinoly Integrity Test successful!

- [ERROR] Nginx PPA not found in sources list!

(2) NGINX Verification Test has failed!

- [INFO] PHP v8.0 or later is recommended to get an optimal perfomance! (Current: 7.4)

(3) PHP Verification Test successful!

- [ERROR] MariaDB PPA not found in sources list!

(4) MySQL Verification Test successful!

(5) Service Status Verification Test successful!

(6) Operating System Verification Test successful!

(7) Additional Tools Verification Test successful!

(8) Permissions Verification Test successful!

(9) Sites Verification Test successful!


********      > > >  E R R O R < < <        ***********

********   System could not work properly   ***********


Wordpress websites seem to work perfectly. No server configs were ever touched. Only monthly apt update && sudo apt -y upgrade are applied.

Following is the output for webinoly -server-reset-all

Wait while Webinoly optimize your Ubuntu Operating System...

SWAP file (1Gb) detected!

Timezone has been successfully set!  (Europe/Helsinki)

Domain example.com:22222 was successfully assigned to access your server tools!

Only-Error Log was successfully enabled (global)!

HSTS Header successfully disabled!

Nginx has been successfully Optimized by Webinoly!

Nginx settings has been updated successfully!

Permissions fixed successfully!

Timezone has been successfully set! (Europe/Helinski)

PHP has been successfully Optimized by Webinoly!

PHP settings has been updated successfully!

MySQL (MariaDB) has been successfully Optimized by Webinoly!

MySQL settings has been updated successfully!

Here's the system configuration as reported by webinoly -info


And here's the output for webinoly -version

ubuntu@ip-172-26-12-195:~$ sudo webinoly -version

Webinoly version: 1.16.1

Current stack version: 1.7

Could anyone please provide any debugging steps? 

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