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My website was working great yesterday. Today I can't login to Wordpress or the Webinoly Tools since I receive a 403 Nginx Error after login. I ran the verify command and this seems to be the problem.

Last login: Wed Jan 23 11:55:44 2019 from

root@vp1:~# sudo webinoly -verify

Verifying integrity of the entire Webinoly system...

[INFO] File: /etc/nginx/.htpasswd not found!

Integrity test passed!!

closed with the note: Problem was with the Wordpress plugin Booked
by Talented
I noticed that in new installations it is not creating the .htpasswd file I had manually create on the last 3 servers created.
by Expert
Webinoly have the HTTPAUTH command to create these credentials, this is just an INFO message because you will need it to have access to WP admin areas.
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