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I use Webinoly backup as in the documentation. Everything works except cron.

The execution of the command in cron return the following error:
BASH Shell is required!

Example command that returns this message:
0 0 * * * webinoly -backup=local -wp=domain.name -max=3

Version: You currently have the latest version! (v1.16.1)

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Hi Keaman,

Webinoly works perfectly fine in Cron, especially for backups.

Just be sure that the user running the specific Cron you are using has Bash shell configured. For most people this shouldn't be a problem because normally you should be using the same user as you are logged in or if you are using "sudo" to create your Cron, just be sure the "root" user has Bash shell configured.


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I use the root by default. But thank you for the tips, I'll try to check what's going on.
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Easy, just see if "root" has bash configured here: /etc/passwd

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I checked it, but I'll check again.

Maybe I will better understand how it works. :)
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This "bash check" runs every time Webinoly is executed. So, it shouldn't be different if you are running a command directly from CLI or using the same user in Cron.
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