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Hi, Thank you for such a wonderful tool.

I was a GUI user but now shifted to Webinoly and found this great. Previously for WordPress, I was using Plugin and now I want to use Webinoly for backups.

What I did is added Amazon s3 Credentials using sudo webinoly -aws-s3-credentials= command and created a profile as in the documentation.

after executing sudo webinoly -backup=s3 -run command backup started and now I see some archives of max 200Mb in S3 bucket.

Now I want to ask.

1. Full backup create complete backup including Database or not?

2. If I had to move only one site to another can I use the Full backup that I created and restore only one website?

3. sudo webinoly -backup=local -export=example.com will create complete site backup including Database..?

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by Rookie
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Hi, I am already trying. was asking because I have to spin another server for testing. and I just migrated my websites to webinoly and didn't want to do any mistakes. Anyway, I understand it's not a support forum.

I am creating Bucket for each sites and backingup using -export=site.com -filename=site-com.bkp.

then sending it to s3 bucket. If you think that I made any mistake please guide me.

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