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by Rookie

Webinoly advised me to update my PHP version, that was 7.3, so I used the command:

sudo stack -php-ver=7.4

During the installation I got this error "Error: retrieving gpg key timed out "

After this error, Webinoly said that there is no PHP installed. When trying to install it with Webinoly, I keep getting this error. My websites show a 502 error now.

In Linux I could see that version 7.4 was installed but Webinoly could not see it. So I installed the latest version of php through Putty console but the Webinoly verification tool says that now the directory owner is not www-data. I don't have a clue how to change it. I have even attempted to uninstall and reinstall Webinoly, hoping that this would overwrite the error but it didn't work.

Any suggestion on how to solve it?

Thank you

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by Expert
  • GPG keys are external, so we have no control over their availability.
  • GPG keys can fail when firewall is not correctly set as is indicated in Webinoly documentation.
  • Manually installed packages will never be recognized by Webinoly, and it's never recommended, especially if you are not using the same sources. Also, the configuration used after a package is installed can differ causing unpredictable issues.
by Rookie

thanks a lot for your help!

Well, I found a workaround that solved the problem. I have no clue why it worked but this is what I have done:

I uninstalled php (since I had installed it manually) and I tried to force Webinoly to install it by creating a site with Wordpress. When doing so Webinoly warns that PHP is not installed and asks if the user wants it to be installed. When I asked to do so previously, it would give me the error I mentioned of the GPG keys. So I tried with  sudo stack -php-ver=7.4 and I got:

New PHP version: '7.4'

PHP is not already installed but this version will be installed next time!

then I wrote: sudo site my_domain_name.com -wp -ssl=on

And I got again:

+ PHP Not Found!

Do you want to install it now? [y/N]?

Error: retrieving gpg key timed out.

but then it kept installing and it actually reinstalled PHP, redis...

and now everything works just fine!! 
I hope this might help 
Thank you for your amazing support and software

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