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by Rookie
when cloning

sudo site dev.example.com -clone-from=example.com -env=development -overwrite=on

the -overwrite=on function does not work. The site is not being overwritten.

please check.




by Expert
Please, provide all the details!

There's nothing we can do if you can not explain what exactly is failing.
by Rookie
I'm cloning the example site to dev.example. I enter the command,

sudo site dev.example.com -clone-from=example.com -env=development -overwrite=on

if the dev site does not exist, then cloning is successful

, but if the dev site exists, a message is displayed

Nginx Cache is already disabled on your site dev.example.com

WordPress Debug mode for dev.example.com is already enabled!

Discourage SearchEngines WP option has been enabled for dev.example.com site!

WordPress Environment Type has been set successfully!

Site dev.example.com is now a successful clone of example.com

the last line, as you can see, notifies that the cloning was successful.

But in fact, there is no rewriting of the dev site. Everything remains the same as it was

I tried to clone other sites, the problem is the same.

updated the OS, rebooted the server. rebooted webinoly. the problem has not disappeared

it's not difficult for me to erase the dev site first, and then clone it to an empty place. I'm just notifying that the function -overwrite=on, stopped working during cloning after updating

the webinoly version  - 1.16.5
by Expert

Sorry! We can not reproduce this issue.

When a site exists and the overwrite option is enabled you should see a message "Site already exists! Overwriting...". Seems like you are not even getting this message.

We need details to know under what conditions the clone function is failing.

by Expert

Webinoly v1.16.6 has been released!

Can you please confirm that these issue has been fixed?


by Rookie
Good day. The problem of overwriting during cloning has been completely eliminated. Thanks!

1 Answer

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by Expert

Thanks for reporting this issue!

After a more detailed review, we have successfully identified this issue and it's now fixed in the next release v1.16.6 (available in a couple of weeks).

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