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by Rookie

Hello guys, 

I am frontend web dev, recently started one of my projects as full stack dev, and I am struggling to add site using webinoly and dockerized strappi app. 

Strapi / nodejs app is running inside of container on vps localhost:1337

I added website using following line of code: 

sudo site myserverstrapi.jasarovic.xyz -proxy=[localhost:1337]

One thing I want to mention is that main domain (jasarovic.xyz) is pointed to other vps server (don't know if that is important) only subdomain that I want to add is pointed to this server.

I know that is bothering to guide "rookies" but I would appreciate any help.

Best regards, 

Enis J. 

by Expert
What's the question?
by Rookie
Sorry, forgot to put "How to" in the title. So the question is How to point site to a running docker container which runs node app?
by Expert
What did you try?

What is the issue?

What's the errors you are getting?
by Rookie

Obviously I haven't explain nothing well. The goal is to put my docker container (strapi / node app) to work with webinoly. I have no idea how to do this.

The container is started on port 1337. Container works without webinoly, but I want to use it with webinoly, so I could setup ssl and few more sites. 

I've added site with following line:

sudo site myserverstrapi.jasarovic.xyz -proxy=[localhost:1337]

But this approach doesn't work. Site is unreachable.

That's the only thing I've tried.

So, I would like to know is this even possible to setup this way, I have to ask, because the backend stuff is new to me, and if you can advice me what to do to achieve this.

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