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Hi -

I created an empty site due to custom NGINX needs and an application that required a DB, which I successfully set up. (Without using webinoly to make the DB)

Can I use the -mysql=custom command on my running site, to include it in the built-in full backup mechanism without breaking anything? ie: site mydomain.com -mysql=custom

I am asking so that way I can avoid multiple manually made scripts, knowing that the built in holistic backup command will include settings, sites & db all in one.

Alternatively, if I need a second script to backup the DB, do I understand properly I can use the same command for an "external" database even though it's on the same machine?

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by Expert
Everything can be included in just one backup. Try it!

Please, read the docs.
by Rookie
Thanks. I tried the backup, but my separate DB was not included, even though the site itself was. Did I miss something in the docs?
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