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Please, read the Webinoly documentation available in our site before posting a question and only report your issue if you know and can explain the steps to reproduce it.

There are a lot of official docs and user tutorials you can find in Google about Nginx, PHP and all of these topics, it's highly recommended do a research and try your own solutions before asking for help, we appreciate when users try to learn on their own and not only ask for easy solutions.

Users are expected to be kind, helpful, and respectful. Beyond just seeking solutions, users are encouraged to help others. If they know the answer to someone else’s question, it is greatly appreciated that they offer assistance.

Known Issues

  • WP Plugins: Migrate DB Pro and Updraft plugins have been reported to cause 403 (Forbidden) errors in Webinoly due to an intensive use of the admin-ajax.php file. Webinoly automatically protects this file and limit its use. More info.
  • Servers with only IPv6 access are failing in Webinoly installation, we are investigating this issue. Also, we realize that Webinoly API doesn't support IPv6, that's because AWS API Gateway have no native support for it. More info.
  • SSL: Wildcard (Let's Encrypt) Cert auto-renew not working. More info. * Will be fixed in v1.8.0

Next release scheduled: v1.8.0 (April 25th) *Tentative date

You should consider making a Donation to this project, I do my best to keep this project updated.

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Welcome to the Community site for Webinoly.

If you have a question about Webinoly, please ask in English or Spanish.

To report a bug, please ask a question here with the bug tag.

News: Webinoly now install PHP 7.3 by default.


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