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by Rookie
Hi friends! I would like to resume the conversation about an old question. I didn't see a definite answer to it.

The problem occurred after installing the subdomain (sd): when I try to log in to my account (wp-login or wp-admin), I find myself on the base domain. In addition, when trying to log on to the sd site, I get the message "WP already installed", and in the address bar i see "sub.domain.com/wp-admin/install.php".

What I have:

I'm not activate the Redis and no plugins for sd site. I tried replacing in wp-config.php the entry "define('WP_CACHE_KEY_SALT', 'redis_object_cache_for_wp_sub.domain.com');" to "define('WP_CACHE_KEY_SALT', 'sub.domain.com');", but that hasn't helped either. I made similar on other sites, but it again didn't bring result. Other sites work correctly.

I dug up my grandmother's grave and performed a pinky-eating ritual. It doesn't help, but something in my stomach is moving. That it? I will continue, but I hope for your help too.

1 Answer

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by Expert
Yes, this have been reported before. The thing here is that I can not reproduce this issue on my end. Would be great if someone can tell us how to reproduce this weird behavior and maybe that would be a good starting point to fix it.
by Rookie
I could try to describe it. But how much detail is needed for this?
by Expert
Just tell me the steps to follow or the exact secuence of commands to run. But be careful, you said that you don't always see this behaviour, so please be sure to know how to reproduce it before posting the steps.
by Rookie

Actually, I've already described my steps. But if you need a specific code, here it is:

sudo site sub.domain.com -wp=[true,true,localhost,sub.domain.com,username,password,wp_] -cache -ssl-on
by Expert

Believe me, I know how to create a WP site with Webinoly and I'm pretty sure that's not the cause of your issue.

Seems like you don't know how to reproduce this issue, you need to explain every command you run (since the beggining) that ALWAYS end up in the behavior you explained before. You have told in your original questions that you have other similar setups where you don't see this problem, so I have to deduce that you don't any idea about how to reproduce this weird behavior.

Also, please read the documentation, you can not create a site and at the same time have the SSL enabled. And please, note that you are using a very old SSL syntax.
by Rookie
Finally, the problem will be solved. Only you can decide what has not been solved for so long. I am sure: you will be able to specify the correct path and the correct syntax for the subdomain installation command in Webinoly. Because only a real expert first presents his credentials, and only then describes the correct path. I was waiting you!

Now you ask me specific questions, and I will respond with servility.
by Expert
Glad you solve your issue!

Drama is not welcome here, the "correct path" is described in the docs, I don't need to repeat everything here.

by Rookie

«will be solved» is not equal «solved». But who am I to persuade the guru to correct his mistakes?

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