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by Rookie

I really love your work! I have been using it for the past few weeks and had lot of tinkering with it and this is my first time learning how to use nginx and even linux environment.

Sorry for this noob question, but how can I configure SSL in webinoly so that I can turn on this feature from Cloudflare safely? Thanks!


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Hi miccy,

You just have to enable SSL in your site and then just manually add that couple of lines mentioned in the article. Don't forget to restart nginx service after that.


by Rookie
Thank you! You're the man! I really love Webinoly! :D

So, I just have to add the lines to nginx.conf thingy?
by Expert


Let me explain:

  1. Create your site, for example: sudo site domain.com -php
  2. Enable SSL on your site: sudo site domain.com -ssl=on
  3. Your site Nginx Configuration is located at: /etc/nginx/sites-available/domain.com inside this file you will see the SSL parameters for you site, here you should add the lines, at the end of the SSL directives block.
  4. Now just restart Nginx service: sudo nginx -t && sudo service nginx reload


by Rookie
Thank you very much Christian! Wishing you much success and happiness in the future!
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