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Hey all, 

Not too long ago I did an upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS (jammy). My guess is that it has to do with the upgrade, but I'm not sure. 

Anyone ran into this? And if so, where do I start with solving it? 


Verifying integrity of the entire Webinoly system...

(1) Webinoly Integrity Test successful!

- [ERROR] Nginx Apt Key not found!

- [ERROR] Nginx PPA not found in sources list!

(2) NGINX Verification Test has failed!

- [ERROR] PHP Apt Key not found!

- [ERROR] PHP PPA not found in sources list!

(3) PHP Verification Test has failed!

- [ERROR] MariaDB Apt Key not found!

- [ERROR] MariaDB PPA not found in sources list!

(4) MySQL/MariaDB Verification Test has failed!

(5) Service Status Verification Test successful!

- [WARNING] Timezone is not set or not valid!

(6) Operating System Verification Test has some warning messages you should attend!

- [ERROR] Redis PPA not found in sources list!

(7) Additional Tools Verification Test has failed!

(8) Permissions Verification Test successful!

(9) Sites Verification Test successful!


********      > > >  E R R O R < < <        ***********

********   System could not work properly   ***********


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From the Webinoly documentation:

* NEVER upgrade a cloud instance do-release-upgrade.
** NEVER run dist-upgrade if you are not an experienced user. It can easily break stuff badly!

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The problem actually happened after the latest webinoly update and not after the dist upgrade. I know this because I did a verify after the upgrade and it was all fine ... Another server went through the same procedure and did not have an issue either after the dist upgrade ...
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